Wifi woes

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There are many a thing I love about my dear Italy. Its wifi strength is not one of them.

I’ve realized over the past week that using 7 hours of wifi to upload 6 pictures is not a reasonable quest, so I’ve decided to save most of the pictures for some post-trip shares. Insta game has been fairly strong if you’re just dying to catch up on my Umbrian adventures.

typical view of Orvieto avenues with the Duomo in the distance
typical view of Orvieto avenues with the Duomo in the distance

I can hardly believe my time pretending to be Italian is halfway over. The past week and a half has FLOWN by, and I’ve already got anxiety about leaving. Euro4life, tbh.

Our first weekend in Orvieto, we had a night out on the town (emphasis on TOWN) Saturday evening that included a midnight visit to the duomo. Living walking distance from just about everything is a definite highlight of Italian hill town life. Also, open container laws are, like, not a thing here. HEH.

Drawing class vistas
Drawing class vistas

Sunday I awoke bright and early to attend a 5.5 hour cooking class that ended in a life threatening food coma induced by 6 courses of carbs and carbs and more carbs. That same day, we happened to be in town for the Corpus Domini procession that has serpentined through every street in the city each year here since the Middle Ages; picture a whole lotta über Italian people dressed up like they crawled out of 1253 walking in unison to some badass drum beats, and you’ll have a weak impression of the hour and a half procession I witnessed that morning. At the end of the whole shebang, the relic from the Miracle at Bolsena was displayed and my inner history buff had a total nerd-out moment. I won’t even mention the tears I held back upon first sight of the Orvieto Cathedral. Except that I will because Italy.

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view of lovely Orvieto from one of the (many) bell towers

Getting into the class schedule was surprisingly easy; three hours of drawing in the morning, in breath-snatchingly beautiful locales of course, and a two hour foray into the world of Renaissance art history in the afternoons. I’m in art nerd heaven and I never want to leave.

an insanely frustrating attempt at a charcoal landscape *sweats*
an insanely frustrating attempt at a charcoal landscape *sweats*

The rest of the week flew by, including a day trip to Siena and afternoon at the Etruscan tombs outside the walls of Orvieto. Friday involved 2 buses, a cab, and a hike to our GAWGEOUS room at the Villa Rosa in Positano. Complimentary breakfast served on our ocean view terrace was the tip of the iceberg for our fantabulous stay in this seaside paradise. I highly suggest boating (fo’ free!) over to Arienzo for lunch – a much more private beach than the Spiaggia Grande sporting a restaurant with gnocchi worth the trans-Atlantic flight all by itself. Even though it’s hemorrhaging tourists, Positano still made my top ten list for beach towns, and I desperately want to return. Posi is legit more photogenic than Gisele. My Instagram is thankful.

MIDTERM WEEK. Somehow we struggled through three hour drawing critiques and long nights memorizing the difference between Masaccio and Duccio to make it to our next free weekend. A group of us rented a villa a few minutes outside Orvieto and I’ve got the GoPro fully charged.

Tonare presto!


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